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Curated NFTs on Tessera
CryptoPunk #8154

CryptoPunk #8154

Chromie Squiggle #6052

Chromie Squiggle #6052

CryptoPunk #4847

CryptoPunk #4847

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Introducing Raesæ

Short for the plural of Tessera (Tesserae), Raes enable you to participate in community ownership and governance of the digital collectibles curated in each vault.

Collectively own

CryptoPunk #8154

This auction was not successful. All ETH and NFTs will be returned.
⌛ Auction ends in: ...
⚙️ Last Price Dutch Auction
The price per Rae will decrease over time. Auctions last for 2 hours. All collectors will pay the price of the last Rae sold. Raes will be distributed when the auction ends.
Remaining Raes

Collectively own

Chromie Squiggle #6052

Raes listed: 6 / 250
⚙️ Secondary Marketplace
The Tessera marketplace enables Rae owners to buy and sell their digital collectibles for free (0% fees).
Best price per Rae
0.2 ETH
≈ $0.20
Implied Valuation
50 ETH
≈ $50.00

Collectively own

CryptoPunk #4847

🎉 This Vault has been purchased 🎉

Vault was bought by


706 Rae43.62 ETH
Vault value = 82 ETH
Buyout amount
82 ETH
≈ $82.00
Value per Rae
0.082 ETH
≈ $0.08

Get all the FAQs 📠 👀

What is a Rae?

Raes are NFTs that represent collective ownership over, and governance of, a vaulted NFT.

I just bought a Rae, now what?

Congrats - you’re now the proud owner of a Rae! You can view your Rae in your wallet, set it as your PFP, join the Discord community, and more.

What is a Vault?

A vault is a non-custodial smart contract wallet that lives on the Tessera Protocol. Vaults are trustless, permissionless, and decentralized.

How do I create a Vault?

If you’re interested in having your NFT vaulted on Tessera, click the “Vault your NFT” tab at the top of the page. You’ll be required to fill out a form with additional details and someone from the Tessera team will reach out to you if its a good fit for our platform.

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